Johnson Electric is a provider of motors, actuators, motion subsystems and related electro-mechanical components for automotive, industrial and medical applications. Johnson Electric has manufacturing facilities in 22 countries.


At Saia-Burgess Controls AG, we take pride in our measurement and control systems, which are always manufactured to the highest standards and are used all around the world. In terms of quality, service life and cybersecurity, our customers rely on our products to provide seamless automation solutions and flexibility. Our success story dates back to 1978, but we are always looking to the future!


Manufacturer of electronic parts and supplies. The company's products include plugs and sockets, multi-way adapters, multi socket outlets and cable reels and travel adapters, enabling customers to get a wide range of electronic parts at a wholesale price.


Ledex produces a line of motorized solenoids and electric switches used in a wide variety of industrial applications. The original product used a ratcheting system to provide one-way motion so that every activation advanced the switch one position. The company used the same concept to develop a number of similar products and later branched out to the wider industrial switching market. The company is currently owned by Johnson Electric in Hong Kong. Over time the term has become generic and can now refer to any similar motorized switch. Ledex was founded by G.H. Leland. Its predecessor was GH Leland Engineering in Dayton Ohio. Patents were filed on its behalf in 1950. Six of their Syncramental Servo-Step motors rode along on the Mercury capsule in the first manned spacecraft, Feb 20, 1962. Mariner IV used a Ledex rotary solenoid to actuate the onboard camera to take the first pictures of Mars from Martian orbit. Surveyor used Ledex stepping motors to orient the data antenna after landing on the moon. Apollo spacecraft used Ledex rotary solenoids to release the spring loaded latches located between the Command Module and the Lunar Landing Module to complete hard docking of the two modules. Johnson Electric in North America is located north of Dayton Ohio.


The A. F. Dormeyer Manufacturing Company is best remembered as a key player in the early days of electrical home appliances. As one of the first firms to perfect the motorized kitchen mixer, they both inspired and competed against their local rivals at the Chicago Flexible Shaft Company (aka. Sunbeam) for dominance in that arena. After WWII, corporate restructuring yielded the simultaneous existence of two separate, contentious entities: the Dormeyer Corporation (the original business, founded in 1912) and Dormeyer Industries (Albert Dormeyer’s second electronics firm, founded in 1946).


All the BDC ELECTRONIC products are tested with the most sophisticated high technology equipment to grant the respect of all the standards. The productive process is based on the use of high technology machinery which allows the highest control levels for the quality of the finished product. All the details are built with the maximum accuracy to make the finished product assure the highest standards of functional reliability. Completely automated processes for every stage assure the creation of a product made to gratify any requirement.