Saia Switch is the technology leader in precision microswitches and sets the standard of performance in critical applications. Burgess Switch is the originator of microswitch technology and continues to define the standard of performance for industrial microswitches.
Th-contact is the preferred product of custom control panel builders who require a modular product line with a wide range of switch functions.    


  Ledex is the industrial market leader for DC solenoids and sets the standard for product performance and technology innovation in a broad array of solenoid platforms.   Dormeyer is the preferred choice in robust AC solenoids used in high volume, home technology products.


  Johnson Motor is the global leader in industrial and automotive markets and sets the standard for innovation and quality in DC micromotors and small AC motors.   Saia Motor is the market leader and sets the standard for precision stepper and synchronous motors used within custom designed valves and motion control systems.

Process Controls

  BDC Electronic designs and manufactures Capacitive and Inductive Proximity Sensors.    


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